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M5FM ***** microphone cable with unique Setup, double bare copper spiral shield and Neutrik XLR


  • extremely transparent sound, superb resolution, extra-rich basses, high fidelity
  • extra-high conductor diameter of 2 x 0.5 mm²
  • unique design with extruded PVC core to stabilize the conductors
  • doubled counter-rotating Cu spiral shield proves virtually 100% protection
  • lossless transmission
  • ultra-low capacitance of 55 pF/m
  • XLR connectors have gold-plated contacts

M5 High End Mic Cable, XLR-F / XLR-M, 10m Neutrik Gold

  • M5FM10

    length 10 m
    XLR 3p. black chromed
    pins gold-plated
    manufacturer XLR Neutrik
    colour black
    weight 0.8909 kg
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